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I’ve Seen them twice, first in Obscene Extreme Fest that held in 2013, then in Hammersonic 2014. Both was held in Jakarta, and they give the audience—including me—a wild performance. Established since 2010, those Melbourne guy combine variant of punk and metal music that give a really extreme music as a result.

King Parrot are powered by Mr. White (guitar) Squiz (guitar), Slats (Bass) Toddy (drums) Youngy (vocals) Their debut album “Bite Your Head Off” was picked up by Candlelight Records in 2013 for worldwide release. 5 videos from their debut album have been released including ‘Shit on the Liver’; a finalist in the Australian Music Video Awards.

Interest with them, A few days after Hammersonic 2014[click here to see their photos] , I’ve ask them for an interview. Check this out!.

[Interview by: Tomi Wibisono

King Parrot
King Parrot

First, about your last Indonesian show, Hammersonic 2014, can you tell me how it was going and what’s that show means to you?

-Well, it was an honor to be asked to play such a high profile show, and in front of such a massive crowd was just awesome. That was our second trip to Indonesia as a band, and the response from the people their was awesome. They really appreciate when bands come to their country to perform and to be a part of such a solid line-up was cool.

You show your ass, that’s crazy, you’re the only one who did that on the big festival in indonesia.haha..
Well, let’s hope they don’t forget it. It’s an Australian tradition, so hopefully the Indonesia people were happy to embrace some of our culture.

And what do you think about indonesian crowd so far?
I think the Indonesia crowds are some of the craziest crowds in the world. All the shows we have played in Indonesia have been really great and the people are some of the most passionate I have ever seen. We have some really great friends there and now we will feel sad if we don’t come to visit them at least once a year!

Which indonesian band that impressed you?
There is many great Indonesian bands, I think Burgerkill are great and Siksakubur also. Our friends from the bands The Shantoso and Straight Answer are also really cool bands. When we toured Indonesia we played with so many great bands over there, it’s great to see that the scene is so strong and that lots of people support metal, punk and hardcore.

Before indonesia, you’ve done your American tour. I think that was an exhausting tour? Can you tell us a short story about that?
We ended up doing 45 shows in 49 days and it was pretty exhausting, but I think this band prides itself on working hard and we believe that we need to do tours like this to help get the word out about our band, and continue to tour internationally as much as possible.
We got to see so many awesome places, and it was amazing to see how many people knew of our band before we actually even go to the USA. We hope to be returning there again very soon. We played 3 shows with Cattle Decapitation at the start of the tour in California which was amazing, and we got to play at The Whicky A-Go-Go which is a legendary venue and something I will never forget.

I have saw you twice, first in Obscene Extreme, then Hammersonic. And you always give us a crazy performance. Did you always play like that?
Ofcourse! We never play any other way! It’s always crazy and 100% energy into the performance. I think sometimes it can be more fun in a smaller club show, so maybe next time we come to Jakarta we do a smaller show and see how you like that? Playing the festivals on the big stage like that is always so much fun though. We love it and to get to play to so many people like we did at Hammersonic was really cool…

And did you ever got any trouble because of giving a wild performance?
Hahaha… well, not too much trouble yet, but I don’t think we are hurting anyone… We just want to entertain and play brutal music. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that… hahahaha! We don’t want to start any trouble, we just want to have a good time!

Both Obscene either Hammersonic i saw you always disobey the official that want to cut your performance time, but you keep playing—correct me if im wrong. How long is the ideal time that makes you feel enough?
We have always timed our performance and we know the amount time we play for. We would not come all the way from Australia and then disrespect the show by playing over time. They were cutting us short, not the other way around. Usually we like to play for 45 minutes but at these festival shows it is not possible to play for that long… Not yet anyway.

And the guitarist wearing Milisi Kecoa Shirt, that include words “tetap tidak terjinakan”, and yes, the shirt represented your show!. Do you love that band? what do you think about them?

We played with them on our tour in 2013, and we did really enjoy their show and they were great guys, just like all the bands we play with in Indonesia. We want to support the Indonesian scene as much as we can, and hopefully we can start to see more Indonesian bands touring in Australia.

Now you are preparing for Australian tour. I’m wondering, how or where does the energy come from?
I think we just love what we are doing, so the energy is always there. We are very luck and grateful that the band has even got to this point, so we want to keep pushing it further ofcourse. Australia is great fun to tour and we want to get back put and see our fans one more time before we sit down to write the new album.

For the album, is there any plan to for the new record?
Towards the end of this year we will aim to record the new album and then it will be released in 2015. If all goes to plan!

Oke, gimme a little comment about Indonesia? have you try local beer, wine, have favorite one?
I don’t actually drink alcohol, so I cannot answer that question for you. I do love all the food that you can buy on the street and I love the fried tempeh! It’s the best thing ever! I also love Lychee juice! Hahaha, you can’t get it so much in Australia, so it’s nice to have when I visit Indonesia. Obviously lots of Australians go to Bali, but I have never actually been there, I think naturally Australians love Indonesia, it’s a beautiful country.

Last question, #Sarapanmusik?
‘Black crow on a tombstone’ by Satyricon, always gets me fired up in the morning!

Any last word for Warning Magz Reader?
Thank you very much for your support, we really appreciate it and we are looking forward to the next time that we get to come and play for you guys. We always love Indonesia and I think it’s our second home now!



King Parrot  © Warningmagz
King Parrot © Warningmagz




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**this interview also featured in our July 2014 printed magazine in Bahasa Indonesia


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