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The Acidez
The Acidez


The first time I saw this band was from a Youtube channel. And yes, in that time I thought that this is just another copy of The Casualties. But i’m wrong, I mean when I heard their whole music, I catch the difference between them. Acidez has their own music style, they give a lot of instrumental part on their song—The Casualties didn’t do that. If we talk about the sound, it’s a combination of the Casualties hardcore punk with d-beat rock n roll taste like Inepsy.

This band come from Guadalajara, Mexico, which started in 2003. Now The Acidez already have three album. Their last album “Beer Drinking Survivor” just released this year. And they still serve Spanish on their lyric. Sure, I don’t know what they talk in Spanish, that’s what make me curious. So I asked them for an interview after they finished their European tour.

[Interview by: Alfian Putra & Tomi Wibisono]


Hello, Nauj, How are you?         

Hi Tomi, I’m fine thanks, sober but fine L hahaha

Tell me about your tour, how it all goes?

Now our tour is over, but everything was good, we are glad to all the people that supported us, all the promoters that invited us to play in their city and all our old and new friends from Europe.

From Mexico to Europe, do you spot something good that you never felt when do a show in Mexico?

Yes, you know México it’s a big country, so we are impressed for the short distances from country to country in Europe, and it’s amazing that in one show, more in the festivals there’s people of many parts, many different countries, and the feeling of seeing a lot of friends from everywhere in one place is very nice to us.

In Pod Parou Fest you shared the stage with big names such as Buzzcocks, The Toy Dolls, Agnostic Front, Cock Sparrer, and much more. What do you think about it?

It’s a big honor to us play with them, this chance of seeing the big bands, maybe share a words or drink a beer with them is very cool, and also seeing them live it’s like a dream!

So your dreams come true. and about the punk scene in Europe, What is the difference with the Mexico?

As I said, México is a big country, there’s a big scene in the center and surroundings, It’s a big different because in Europe you can see in the gigs crusties, steet punks, metal heads, skinhead in one gig together, so its more unity in Europe, Mexico’s scene is more divided, to much divitions in Mexico. in Europe punk are more united and we love it

Oh well, congratulations to release Beer Drinkers Survivors. Can you tell us a little about the album? Is there any message to share

Thank you! We talk about the end of the world, about we can survive because our ideas not die, that’s why the skeleton with mohawk and studded jacket haha, we joke with the religion because México is a very religious country, and many people are so closed minded because that, and we make a parody for transgressing these points. In a few word we talk about who we are, the things we like, the things that we are against. Antiwar, anti religion, anti fascism, drinking beer and punk till death.

The Acidez
The Acidez

And so far, what respond did you get?

We had a very good answer from the people, most from the European, because in our last 2 tours we carried with us this new album, but we just released it this year and we still spreading and distributing for a biggest respond.

Most of your songs are written in Spanish, is there any important reason?

Because in México Spanish it’s our language, and we want to keep writing songs in Spanish, half in Spanish for México and half in English for the rest of the world.

Did you often heard that people say The Acidez are look like The Casualties? And what do you think about that?

Yes, we heard about that, but now less than before. It’s ok because we are punk, but we try to make our own style, I think these people have to introduce themselves more into punk and realize that the punk is a very big scene, not only the most popular bands, and know that even if we are all punk, each one has their own style, different ideas and way of life, that’s the cool thing of punk, is a very open movement.

You also often make a video clip and that’s cool. A lot of punk band, didn’t do this, although infact this thing has a good impact. Can you give the tips for another punk band to start making a video clip

Yeah, we think is a good way to be more close to the people, they know you visually, and we can express our ideas in a audiovisual way, representing the song in a video. One tip is you can make a video without spending a lot of money, with a good song and a good idea you can do a very cool video, even if it’s in the practice room, you can put the main points of the song and get a nice result.

Oke, Do you know about Asian Punk, especially Indonesia?  

Yeah, we want to tour in there! We listened that Indonesia is a very big scene, a lot of punk, and a lot of bands, we have a lot of people that support us from there and they want us to go there. We want to know more about these countries, play for the people and make new friends.

What are you doing outside activities of the band?

Some of us used to have a job, but we had to quit because the tour, now we already are in México and we have to find a new job because we have no money hahaha

By the way, we heard that Mexico is the country that have large drug dealer. How do you respond this?

It’s a very big problem, in our city not yet, but in many parts of the country the people are daily struggling against these drug dealers, the big drug dealer organizations, called “carteles”, they want more power, more money, and they have often armed fights with another “carteles”, with the police and also the army. And the big problem is the corruption, the drug dealers are involved with the politicians of many states, they buy the police, and beyond the drugs, they want to get power and respect with fear, killing and kidnapping people and they ask for money tributes. We are now trying to see how to respond, how big is that problem and how far could it be, because nobody says the truth.

But, do you belong to one who used the drug to the creative process?

Sometimes hahahahaha, guitarrist and bass player

Oke we change the topic. I’ve read about the struggle of Zapatista. And heard that there’s still a lot of farmer (not only Zapatista) still struggling for their land. Do you following this issue? What do you think about this?

We know about Zapatistas, they are a very awesome people, they make the most of their thing by themselves, they made their clothes, their own harvest, and their own hierarchy, far away from the mexican government system. But yes, they continue struggling for the land, because to the government doesn’t like that they be so independent, and want the land to build factories or big markets and don’t care about the people that lives from these lands.

The Acidez
The Acidez

last question, what’s your favorite song to be heard in the morning?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song hahaha

Any last message to Warning Magazine Reader?

Thank you for the space, it’s a very cool magazine, we will talk about you in our pages.


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