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Hello curby, where are you now? Are u fine enough?

Haha, well I am really mega busy these days!!! It’s just 2 weeks before the first Obscene extreme America so it’s not a big surprise…but everything is going pretty well and I really believe we will have good festivals on each of the continents!!!


Please tell us a short history of Obscene Extreme fest

I always wanted to do a big grindcore festival…there wasn’t anything like that back in 99 when I started Obscene Extreme… Fuck The Commerce festival was my big influence, I was there in 98 and it was simply an excellent festival, and it was one of that things that kicked my ass to do something…My first idea was doing just one festival for my 25th birthday but reactions after the first volume were so great from both – fans and bands that I had to continue! Now it’s an every day work, all year long, but I don’t regret all the time I invest as every festival gave me back much more…that friendly atmosphere, all those fans coming from far away, it’s simply a unique chance to meet grindcore fanatics from all over the World in a single place and enjoy some really great bands, legends of grind music but also promising new bands! During those years we could see great shows made by NASUM, BRUTAL TRUTH, MACABRE, NAPALM DEATH, RATOS DE PORAO, MUNICIPAL WASTE, DOOM, WOLFBRIGADE, GENERAL SURGERY, MISERY INDEX, HAEMORRHAGE, CRIPPLE BASTARDS and many, many more…actually we already had over 500 bands playing at OEF!!! And this year we’ll celebrate the 15th anniversary with all our loyal fans also in America, Asia and Australia!!!


And now you bring OEF To Asia, why you choose Indonesia?

I have seen some shows in Indonesia myself and it simply reminds me of when I was a kid and it all started here in the Czech back in 1988 or 1989, right after the revolution…we all were full of passion for music, what a great time and I think you can still feel something from it in Indonesia… the fans are so passionate during a show it’s incredible! Another plus was that I have good friends in Indonesia that help me a lot to make it real…they have been couple of times at OEF in Czech and they understand what I want to bring to Jakarta!


What do you know about Indonesia?

Pretty much everything…I travel a lot, it’s my another big passion so as I said I had visited Indonesia couple of years ago. I also know you had a similar bad time under a pressure of regime like we had couple of years ago so it’s another thing that links Indonesia with the Czech republic…on the other side, Indonesia is really a big country…


OEF is an international Party/gig, it’s a Big one, but there’se no barricade. Its awesome! but also dangerous. So,is there any important reason to not use barricade?

It can be dangerous but everything depends on the fans and I believe our fans will be good and understand what’s going on when stage diving and so on…I have seen many bigger festivals and this big barricade and blockades just ruin all the atmosphere…sometimes you’re so far away from the stage and it is not the most loyal fans of the band who are in front of the stage but photographers taking their pictures (nothing against good photographers at all haha!)  and I ask why? This place is for the FANS! Our festival is sponsored by fans and I want to see them happy and enjoying the fest, not like being in  a prison and far away from the stage…


OEF always served vegan food, and now OEF asia will held in Indonesia, that vegan is minority in Indonesian culture. do you still want to serve vegan food?

Yes, it’s really a healthy life style and it brings many positive things and benefits into the scene and for the people…we respect animal and human rights as well, I simply believe in this life style, I am vegan for more than 20 years and also straight edge for more than 15 years and I really believe those things can help this world to create a better one!!! See how many people there are on the planet earth now, how can we feed them? Veganism can help a lot in this! We respect the life and it’s very important!!! OEF has been a vegetarian and vegan festival since the beginning, we do vegan food for all the bands but for the fans we have vegetarian and vegan options…I simply can’t support a cruel business, I can’t have blood on my lips…I want to stay in peace…I hope you’ll understand and support this idea, even for the entire OEF weekend!!!


who choose the band for playing in OEF? is there any standard or such a criteria for a band?

I choose all bands for all festivals, sometimes my friends recommend me a good new band, so I go to watch them live or on youtube! I really like to support new bands as well…there’re not many festivals where those newborn bands can play!!! There is no standard, we just want to see a good band with an intense live show!!!


there’s a lot of grindcore band in the list rite? do you agree that grindcore is the finest representative of extreme music?

Man, I simply love grindcore!!! Grindcore changed all my life!!! I still remember when I heard “Scum” for the very fist time!!! It was like a nuclear bomb, booooooom and I knew this music is for me…then of course I followed my idols like Jeff walker and Barney to start with vegetarian life style and so on…Grindcore is surely great to be enjoyed live, so intense!!!


Ohya, Do you have Indonesian favourite band that register for OEF?

Sure man, many bands!!! I really like JASAD, I have even seen them live and they’re really a brutal band! Love them! Also NOXA, cool friends of mine and I can’t wait to see SIKSAKUBUR or INLANDER…also DEADLY WEAPON sound interesting on records!!! And MARJINAL!!! And more…I would like to watch all the bands at the fest for sure!!!


now we talk about noxa, they are the only vice from indonesia that play on OEF last year. What do you think about this band?

Great band, great people, simply a great combination!!! I think they played at OEF in 2010 and they were forced to cancel it last year, but I’m sure they will come back to the Czech…believe me they hold the Indonesian flag high, they always do a great show!!!


Mask is one of OEF tradition, so far, what’s the greatest mask you ever seen? I hope you will see Indonesian Ghost Mask, its absolutely more scary than Western one. hehehe…

Surely grinding bananas!!! Those guys were doing even a wild stage diving!!! Amazing party with them, see some pictures at our website!!! I’ll check out Ghost mask for sure, what mask will you wear at oef haha?


Cattle Decapitation cancelled their show? why? so who gonna replace them?

Yes, a very sad piece of news for us…I really like this band, good friends of mine, they played at OEF back in 2010. Now they have recorded an absolutely top album “Monolith Of Inhumanity” so I hope they will serve delicious vegan butchery in Jakarta! Unfortunately their Korean promoter just disappeared from the signed deals and that’s why they had to cancel the whole Asian tour…I have even paid them the flights from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur and the money is gone as well…believe me I really hate to cancel bands, but in this case I can’t do anything…I was trying to do my best, even a double fee for their show but it didn’t help at all as just their travel expenses are too expensive! Right now we have not much time to invite another band, AGATHOCLES have offered us to play another set on Saturday with a different set list so this is one option, see our website for more news about it!!!


Okai curby, I think enough.. Hope everything gone wild! any last word?  

Thanx a lot for your support and see you all in the pit!!! If you want to enjoy something different, choose OEF and celebrate our 15th anniversary with us!!!


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